Summer Recreation Program Rules and Regulations

Safety, Respect for self / others and: Preservation of Property is expected at all times from all participants of the Summer Recreation Program.

1. All bikes must be parked at the bike rack.

2. All recreation members will put their own trash in the trash cans and help with clean-up throughout the day.

3. No glass containers are to be brought to the Summer Recreation area.

4. No climbing on fences.

5. No smoking.

6. No throwing sand.

7. No profane, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise unacceptable language will be tolerated.

8. All registered members will check in with a Counselor when arriving at and when checking out of the Recreation area.

9. Only registered members may participate in the Recreation Program.

10. Only swimmers in levels 4 – 7 can swim to the deep part of the buoys.

11. Floatation toys are permitted in the water only with the approval of the Summer Rec. Leader, Lifeguards, or by the Director of Parks & Rec.

12. Blowing the whistle is the signal to Recreation members to buddy up and wait for further instructions.

13. Three whistles by the Lifeguard or Staff is an emergency signal; all swimmers must get out of the water immediately and stand up by the fence.

14. No chewing gum while swimming / playing in the water.

15. No snapping towels.

16. Children who dig or build on the beach must fill in their holes when finished.

17. All swimmers must stay within the designated area made by the Counselor.

18. All Recreation members will have a buddy during the swimming time.

19. All Recreation members should bring an appropriate lunch / snack.

20. All Recreation members will need to bring appropriate clothing for the day. (Bathing suits, Towel, Extra change of clothes, etc.)

21. All Recreation members will be responsible for their own personal belongings.

22. In the event that your child will be picked up by another adult, a written note will be required.

23. There will be no physical fighting.

24. Sun Screen must be adequately & liberally applied to your child / children 30 Minutes prior to arriving at Rec.

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