Pierce Island – Spofford Lake

spoffordlakeinfoSpofford Lake is a Class A lake with excellent water clarity. The lake is 739 acres (1.1 square miles) in size with an average depth of 30 feet and maximum depth of 60+ feet. Its pristine water is provided mainly by surface run-off and groundwater infiltration. There is a dam and outflow on the eastern side. For its size the lake has a fairly small watershed, which is largely comprised of undeveloped wooded hillsides surrounding the lake.

Pierce Island State Park
Pierce Island State Park is a 5 acre island approximately 1/4 mile from the state boat landing on Lake Spofford. This park is densely wooded with hemlock.

Recreational Opportunities
The lake offers two public beaches: North Shore (Chesterfield residents only) and Ware’s Grove. The North Shore beach offers lifeguards during part of the summer and is open from 9 am to 9 pm daily. The sandy beach offers both sun and shade and is rarely crowded. There are bathrooms, grills and picnic tables.

If you prefer more amenities or are not a town resident, visit Wares Grove Beach. The large sandy beach is great for all ages with shallow water for a long way out. You’ll find a concession stand, volleyball, basketball, tetherball, play structure and a swing set. Wares Grove is open from 9 am to 9 pm, with lifeguards on duty until 6 pm. There is an admission fee.

In addition to swimming, Spofford Lake is a favorite destination for boaters and fishermen, with one boat launch (parking for

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